3 days in hell..

Her demons came out to play
they feasted on my eyes and
ripped out my heart, sliced
my tounge in two.
for three days i watched her
demons boil until they spilled
into the night like fire, consuming
her and everything she touched.
such sadness and rage filled her eyes
a desperation for an end to the pain.

Now she sleeps, heals and we start the
process over again…..I wait, lick my wounds
and wonder why i stay.. Is it penance for my
deeds of the past?
or perhaps god himself testing my heart and soul.
either way i bleed the same, fear and hurt the same.
there is only time in this equation that can fill
these empty wounds yet time seems to be the thing i
have the least of…..
sad….. very sad indeed….theend

** featured painting ( Tempest )

A person very close to me suffers from manic depression. I’d never really known the depth of true depression besides my own, which isn’t clinical just simply it’s depressing being dx with PD. But depression real chemical depression is very very scary to deal with and to have. When you personally have to engage with a person during a manic episode or breakdown it can be a very traumatic experience. I pray for all those in our world with mental and physical disabilities. 


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