Vessel~ (I Am) update

So far on this piece, though it looks like it’s taking shape it has many many layers to go. The only thing that’s been truly established is the overall placement, I’ve added a coral texture to the laddle material in hopes that the final image will produce a very organic looking substance either being placed into or taken out off the “Vessel.” This piece holds a very special place in my heart as when I was a child I viewed myself often as a “Vessel” constantly having to adjust to a “new normal.” As I firmly believe as childern we both know everything and nothing at the same time, we are pure yet full of universal knowledge. So in my youth I watched and I listened. Know as a grown man, my world has changed. I job or role if you prefer is to fill the Vessels of those around me. That being said, my hope for this piece once completed is that it represent our roles in humanity to both nature our young with loving tenderness, intellectual challenges and to provide the moral aptitude to make loving,kind,wise choices of the rest of their lives and in doing so help create and nature the type of human that will I turn fill the Vessels of those around them… This I believe is just one of the many paths that mankind can take to help reshape the villianous, selfcentered, nassasistic landscape our society has painted for its current future. 

Wow, okay all that before coffee number two, I guess I needed to do some writing today. Well it’s Friday morning here on the west coast of the U.S. I hope wherever you are and however life finds you that you’re well. That love, forveness, patience and kindness follow you for all your day.

“a life in progress”

3 thoughts on “Vessel~ (I Am) update

  1. Benjamin, I hope that you also have love, forgiveness, and kindness follow you through your days. Your energy lights up the world and I hope the world in turn lights up for you when you need the energy! I always wanted to say that.

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