remissionem anima mea:

Dawns day is creeping as my bones lays sleeping
The blood drains from my hands
As I’m left dreaming of far away lands
My head lays heavy on this pillow made of bird
So many voices have been left unheard
My mind races though pictures
Of faces
Collisions of memories and distant places
Old soldiers bones die alone for deeds they have done
Nightmares of sorrow and children
That borrow
A blanket to bury the dead
An illness has come that can’t be undone
Seeded deep where science fears to tread
I’m left tattered and weak its shelter I seek
For I can walk with the angels no more.
remissionem anima meaIMG_2043.JPG

4″x5″ tiny
Mixed media
Acrylic and oil pastels
** one of a very small amount of gallery ready work I’ve done this small.

“Alone; I sat and waited for the feelings to pass and they did…. So I wept…. I wept for the loss, I wept for my heart and yours for Alone was no place to be for either you or me….. Yet here I sit Alone….once again.”
“A life on progress”

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