Time is a funny thing.

One down and one to go. I went and saw my thyroid doc today and got the “All clear” on the thyroid cancer.!!! šŸ™‚ I do have to take a new pill for life for hyperthyroidism but I’ll take that over cancer any day of the week. Now we wait for the results on the colon thing.

I’m finding myself in a very contemplative place lately. These last series of test reminded me even of the reality that we don’t live forever, we are not, the invincible super heroes of our youth nor are we impervious to the seemingly random events of the universe.
Below is a number of words I strung together a few years ago that I find relevant quite often.
**time changes everything**

The rains have come again…..
To wash clean the palette of my soul
Giving way only to the depths of the days thoughts.
How does one reconcile the pasts miss deeds with the contemplations of the future day.
Such longing for brighter days of laughs and smiles that come from the heart not the face.
Hard are the labors of a man with a clock.
A clock over ones head.
a constant tick tock of time.
This heart grows weak to think of the changing waters of time.
In a concentric circle . Flow… To which way would you go if you were truly part water.

Thanks for coming by today, I hope where ever  you are that life has been kind to you. Please remember to always “be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.” 

“a life in progress.”



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