I’m forgetting things…….
I can see the goal but have lost
The ability to plan it out…
The pain in my shoulders
Is bi-lateral…. It really really hurts
All….. The…… Time….. (7)
Thyroid what’s the thyroid?????
It controls what?….. Everything…. Shit.
1 in 40 is scary 3 in 5 years is scarier.
Cancer…. Parkinson’s disease. WTF.
My legs are forgetting how to step
“The shakes are coming”, “the shakes are coming”……
Honestly I’m scared.. This is scary shit. I rarely say it out loud and ponder on it even less but today as the pain is relentless and the fatigue never ever stops.
I can’t stop but think and wonder
How much can this human body take…. #alongfortheride
Thank you that’s all.
“A life in progress”



16 thoughts on “Truths~

  1. Well expressed Ben…really sorry to learn of all your hardships. It can be so difficult to stay positive when so many setbacks sledge-hammer us. I can imagine how low you feel at times, having been through of very poor health myself

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  2. I had no idea you were diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I’m so sorry that the world seems to be plotting against you. Gather yourself. Look deep within to find the strength. We are all here for only a short while. This too shall pass.

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  3. This is my son whom I love. This too shall pass. I have hypothyroidism it only slows you way down .The good news is take synthroid and you will feel better than you thought you could.Trust me. I love you dear. Momma

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