Better out than in~

I’ve never seen such bright eyes go so dark…
Such caring lips curl to the distaste of love.
I always knew there was a secret I just never knew
It was as dark as mine.
I fear the darkness in your eyes for I know
All to well of its hunger.
Its a careless carnivore.
Consuming everything it touches, leaving darkness, confusion and guilt behind.

My colors have mixed, muddied
I feel empty.
A hollow man searching to fill this chemical void.
This empty substantia nigra that’s been drained of all feelings of joy…. Left numb by science…. Nature or nurture each a ray of hope only observed by those with feeling and the ability to self perceive.
Darkness borders this mirror of disparity, pulling gently from a dizzying height.
Just till the earth starts to spin…Falling but never fallen.
Beat but never broken, these blue eyes….
Are so tired…


Better out than in”
Words in a streaming thought free write.
“May all each if your days be brighter than the next.”

A life in progress.


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