A day in a life…

Things just keep getting more and more entertaining in this life. I had an interesting conversation with a cancer ward nurse. I’d just finished my colonoscopy (today 10-6-15) and was a bit “high” from the procedure and a bit giddy, she asks so how’s it being so young and having PD? I tell her it’s simply a process, like getting older or standing in a que. The really strange part of it is the observation and the human element, simply watching as these major life things happen. I mean really what can I do? I’m just along for the ride. Aren’t we all.
Watching a my memory fades and as I slowly lose the ability of my hands or my ability to sit for more than 10 minutes at a time. Or perhaps the relentless central nerve pain that turns tickles into tears. Those pesky nerve impulses getting confused. For in this life are we all not simply just vessels? When we are young we are filled by those elements around us and as we age we begin to in turn fill the vessels of those around us. From student to teacher and back to student is the story of ~”Vessel – I am”~

Thank you for taking the time to read with me today it means a great deal to me to be able to share my story.
“A life in progress”

4 thoughts on “A day in a life…

  1. Yes, is the answer. “HE” is the potter, and we are the clay. Our lives are shaped ever so dearly by the loving hands of the potter. Sometimes we just don’t see what vessel we’re going to be shaped into yet!” I, Myself, see That you have been made into this wonderful vessel already. And your given gift is helping other vessels to be shaped beautifully, and filled with “hope”. Mr. Ed

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  2. Your wisdom breaks my heart , my son, thank you for the beautiful man that you have become and are filling the vessel to be. Your my blessing everyday and I am so thankful for you. Love Momma You fill my bucket!

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