Time to get busy~

Good morning, Afternoon and evening. I hope your day has treated you well so far. Thanks for stopping it’s lovely to see you as always. It’s crunch time here I’ve such a busy schedule this month and next. Between the colonoscopy, thyroid surgery, Tattoo appointment, OHSU symposium, my sleep study and countless other events and Dr crap to do I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it. And yes for this whom already know there is a slight chance I’ve thyroid cancer but it’s very very slim. I go in for a two day test October 1,2nd when I find out more I’ll let everybody know.
I’m very excited though to keep painting and writing. The floral series and a new style or Coral pieces are floating around inside my head these days so who knows. With some time and patience I’ll be adding the flower image above to the background below this week

I figure the yellow and orange in the flower should offset the background nicely. Well this post is 3 days late since I started it so I’m gonna hit post and as the title suggests “get busy.” Much love and light to you all. Honestly I’ve not been feeling well lately and with all this medical crap going on its stressing me out. But I’m still thankful to wake each day and see what the world has in store for me.


“a life in progress”

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