And their off ~ words, music and paint.

Sorry for the late post. It’s Tuesday the 8th I’m told. Not really a monumental date unless your getting ready to go to first grade.!!! Granted im not, though maybe i should they did do some pretty epic art projects in the first grade 😜😂😜. K son A is starting the 1st grade tomorrow and its a pretty big deal. I think he’s pretty well set. It’s early here 5a PST. The sun is shining brightly with its last bit of summer warmth, the birds are swooping from tree to tree and in the distance can be heard the harried pace of summer construction racing to beat the coming rains.Summer here is coming to an end but the adventure is just begining.

Science Time: (prize bell ringing)
Did you know that the PNW has one of North Americas only true Rain Forests.
AND more Sciences Time stuff:
Social hour w/broken guy: Normally when you get hurt, there is process right? One falls down get a scrape, you go inside get cleaned up a bit, then maybe some oinment and then a bandaide. Over time you can peel the bandaide back and watch your recovery. slowly or quickly your skin will heal, mentions of “it looks great” “your healing well.” See those are all things that we say to people who have cureable conditions. What  do you say to someone who, lets be real here, will propably never see a cure for the condition they ( I ) have? It’s kind of the million dollar question isnt it? Well the answer is……. wait for it………. “Hello” there is no wrong or right thing to say, honstly the last thing i want to talk about is my PD.Granted if given the opportunity I’ll talk your ear off 😳 about it. I can’t speak for the whole PD community only for myself but what I needed from the world is patience, understanding and compassion. Plus a good shaky guy joke now and again is always good too. 
Music to calm the savage beast:

Okay so now you’ve patiently waited for my ranting and rambling to stop we can look at some art, this first piece is the background for an image I’ll introduce later.


The foreground for this piece will be an abstract expression  of this lovely flower. Though I do intend to stay true to the colors from the original flower and possibly the flower itself.


I personally am thinking of doing a series on flowers, mums,dahlias and lilies of the valley.
Original photo can be found below.

Well my friends its time for the mid-day nap, cheers. please remember to be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.
stay tuned for more fun facts with Paint and Parkinson’s.

“A life in progress”

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