For my son….

I can’t even begin to express
This feeling that crushes
And burns in my chest.
It claws at my heart and tears
At my brain
slowly it breaks me
and drives me insane.
These tears that flow,
show no signs
Of slow nor stopping any time soon. I’ve loved you forever
and over the moon.
Yes… Your my everything
and my in between
your are my heart before it fell apart and made me this
thing I’ve become.
I’ll love you forever
for you are my blood
You carry my name and the next
Chance to be,
a better man, father
and person than me….

I love and miss you my boy with every breath I take.


“A life in progress”


15 thoughts on “For my son….

  1. It’s so hard my darling to be a parent it hurts so much to see the changes and yet the love is so fierce that we mistaken it for pain sometimes. Keep your chin up I feel what you feel, mothers are made that way as I’m sure dad’s are also. Love you to the “Blue Moon” and back . Momma

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      • Yet, I have seen in Life, those very things that bring us to our knees or bring intensely dark experiences into our Life, those very things bring the greatest growth as well as True Happiness. You may not see this now, but in adapting an attitude of moving forward in Life doing the best you know how to do in that Moment, you will see in hindsight, Gifts of wonder that do manifest that would not have otherwise if this situation did not exist. May you find Peace in all this. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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