Another day in August 2015 ~ Paint,music and words.

Good morning, afternoon and evening. I hope this finds you well. Today here in the Willemette valley it’s finally cooling down only about 80 degrees. 

WORDS : thought stream writing.
The morning air has become crisp
As the summer slowly slips away
Gone for another year leaving behind
It’s golden memories of camp fires and s’mores.
Memories of the hottest days and warmer nights.
Times of laughter and learning, times of growth and the tears that come with it.
The morning air has become crisp and I’m thankful as I take your hand.

Today you may guess I’m thankful and you’d be right. I woke in stage 8 pain on my right side. Mostly my shoulder and my hip. See Parkinson’s travels. I presented with pain and massive stiffness on my left side, slowly over the last 4-5 years is been creeping over to my right. Oh well it is what it is.
People often think oh how horrible your in such pain. I suppose it would be if I didn’t simply decide to look at the pain differently. Yes pain hurts (duh) but for me I let the pain remind me that I’m alive, that I can still feel, move and talk…kinda lol. So yes Parkinson’s sucks but life does not!!

Okay well enough whining about pain, the day goes on. And for those of you reading this who live with chronic pain, depression and otherwise challenging circumstances. It will be okay…. It will get better.
And now for a little music to carry the day on its way…

And finally some paint…I’d like to say I’ve made huge strides in paint this year but sadly that’s not the case. Though I’m happy with the quality of the work I have done. This first half of the year was not meant to be a time of paint but a time of reflection,healing and growth.

Neither of them are finished yet but I’m getting closer. I’ve a show in PDX this September “OHSU Parkinson’s Symposium” and I’ll participate in the “Something Red” annual show but otherwise I’m not focused on being awarded for my participation in the Art community. More rather painting is my reward and my tool to help find balance and peace in this world. Well my friend as always it was a pleasure seeing you again do take care and remember to always be strong.


“A life in progress “

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