8/6/15 first paint plus

With each passing day I regain my confidence in being alive. In being a person who expresses their passion through word and paint. When I was very young just as the world started to tear my world apart for the second time I realized I loved art, creating and simply dreaming/feeling in colors. Words made music in the air and my whole world changed. Please enjoy a first look at an “Untitled” work in progress .

This piece is 24″ x 24″ 60cm(2) I’m using a standard trowel palette knife and my classic painters rag so far. Later in the development of this piece I’ll do the detailed hand shading. In this photo the upper right hand corner is deffused due to an artificial light source. I hope the world has been kind to you all and you to it. Please remember to be kind to each other for if not you.. Then who else??


close up


close up

Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have


12 thoughts on “8/6/15 first paint plus

      • Thank you, thank you. Taking time to think things through nowadays and I’m happier, more clarity for me too. Clarity is a good thing and it keeps us coming back to what matters. Excited to see this piece of painting develop!

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    • Thank you my friend and I must say its good to know I’ve still a few angels watching I’ve me. This last year hsa hurt in ways I’d yet not known possible but I’ve also seen love more pure and learned more about the man I am and want to be than err before. I miss Europe dearly, truly my home away away from home. But when I return it will be as a whole man and not just a fragment of whom I was meant to be. Stay close my my friend.


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