The crazy and the cripple

Was a warm day with a wicked smile
Or perhaps a cold heart and pretty face that first drew me in.
Such a tempting smile the
crazy girl does have,but
little did I know I’d fall in love..
these fragments of what i
was gather their best
suit and smile a while..well… You know the rest..
words cut deep and some deeper
like losing a limb
as her demon slips
from hers lips.
I can see the coldest, darkest clouds in her eyes,
as i fear for my heart and head.


will this be time it goes to far?
will this be time i drop her….
ive only ever slipped once in my life….
what the years have given me in wisdom and talent
They have also taken a toll. Paid with my patience and bits of heart i give to
the broken in return filling my bucket…
it was warm day with wicked smile or was it a wicked day and a warm smile
when last the she came to play. It
was the most bright of her darkest days.

“Be kind..Rewind”


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