One Year ago today: Tears of a purple moon

I can not find the light today for the tears of my life have found me. Waking and breaking me into a thousand pieces again…. And again. This storm that I fight is to strong. To strong for me to fight alone. There are no words to be said no more paint to be bled the damage is done…. I’ve never been a happy boy always a dark wandering soul… Forever searching for that place to call home, always running from the darkness inside. Pushing those away that could stay if is let myself heal…. I don’t know what heal is anymore maybe I never did. A life time if disappointment has lead me here today… Alone again with my paint and words. The tears of the purple moon and I will cry and wash this day away… So much sorrow and regret. So much pain from things said and unsaid… To much for one heart to bare…. Strong enough to stand by my side??? Strong enough to watch me tare down these walls again and again till the boy inside is left weeping, fragile afraid if the knight. These days of pain and rain I can do without… Me and the Tears of the Purple Moon.

A life in limbo

25 thoughts on “One Year ago today: Tears of a purple moon

  1. I am sorry that you are having to deal with these emotions on that level today.

    These moon pictures are amazing to me, I can stare at these just as long as I can the ocean one you painted. There’s always a new angle to consider.


  2. Wish I were with you right now, Ben, with a bottle of something nectarish, a large slab of chocolate and a hand to hold yours, and lots of hugs as well. I absolutely feel your pain – and wish there were something more useful I could say. This is your Wasteland. But the Quest for the Grail is by no means over, Knight. Help comes from unexpected sources often. Sending you love and the knowledge that, though separated by many miles, I am standing with you on this one. Ali xxx

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    • Thank you Ali, so much.. Hitting bottom can be so hard. I look around and I’m not sure of what steps to take. Life moves forward and I feel simply not in control and it scares me. Again so many thanks.


  3. WIsh I could be there to give you a big hug instead of reading this at work…I will send you a PM. Hang in there, okay? You *will* get through this, as terrible as it is. Love to you. xo xo xo


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