Time, words and life… Thoughts about them

Pondering Life an words we use.
They say that time held all wounds…. I wonder about that statement sometimes, often actually. I’m still waiting for the death of my father “2007” to become easier. I’m still waiting for the death of my best friend (1998) to become easier. I don’t think time heals all wounds I think it simply blurs the memory from painful to numb.
I think the same goes for the words we use with each other. When we react or make a statement out of anger or frustration or because we think our partner, friend, co-worker is strong enough to carry the burden of our frustration and anger we need to be very very sure because some day something will be said out of frustration or fatigue that will rock the foundation of that relationship to the point where time might not heal those wounds and most certainly not a fast as one might wish. So take it from me a guy who’s said a lot of things and made a ton of mistakes in his life. Be kind to each other, because there may come a time when those words you use will sever the ties that bind and bound that relationship and that my friends is truly a sad day in the universe. We as the human animals need connection and love an once that has been broken it takes a long time to repair.
Best wishes.

“A life in progress”

7 thoughts on “Time, words and life… Thoughts about them

  1. Wise words. I think every person has said things at one time or another that they regret. I live by the adage that life is too short to hold grudges, and not forgive. I’ve lost too many people who I may have wronged at one time or another, but in their end, they knew how much I cared. Similarly, I have been wronged by some I held most dear…I will never forget, but I can forgive. It brings a heavy heart to not forgive. Hanging on to the hatred, because of words that a person used towards you, is not healthy, and will eat away at your soul. Forgive. Let it go. Tell those you care about, how much you do whenever you can. You never know when they’ll be gone, and you don’t want thoughts left unsaid.

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  2. Dear Ben; How true. We fight constantly it seems. I wish all the best to you! When one gets grey hair, are we stll young onset??!!
    As I am now 56, Happy Birthday to you on the 31st, wise YOUNG man!!!! Remember last year? Neigh, probably not! Eat carrots! They are good for us!!! (Guess the Mr. ED thing went no where!)
    SUE 🙂

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