3/1/15 pm music an pics

Sorry to have been absent as of late. Life yet again has taken an unexpected turn. But with some patience and some luck all things will work out just fine. Here’s a couple of the photos I’ve been taking of the world around me. As per usual it’s the world as I see it, please enjoy.
Morning walk.
Cow friends


Another beautiful day.(Amity Oregon)

Big Sky
*driving home(passengering)

I hope all of you have been well, someday I’ll paint again. Right now my heart and head are in to many place to be productive. As an artist and person with Parkinson’s I’ve not been feeling secure in my living situation which for a person in my medical situation is very, very scary. I need stability and currently I’m feeling like I’m waking a tight rope 😦 oh well. Day by day right?
Anyhow I hope where ever you are when you read this that you know someone else is smiling because of it.

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”


13 thoughts on “3/1/15 pm music an pics

    • Thanks Ali me too, im honestly so tired, scared about the future. Which sucks, i neer really figured at 44 i’d have to start everything over again. Im judt not sure ive the energy 😦


      • So very sorry to hear this, Ben; I can identify with at least some of what you are saying because I, too, am having to start anew in some ways. Scary, isn’t it? I wish I lived closer, then we could chat and maybe imbibe a bottle or two of good wine, and set the world to rights, or maybe just cry drunkenly and rage a bit. Meanwhile, send me your address (via email, obviously!) and I’ll send you a cheering book to read! Hugs, Ali xxx

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