New things and stuff

After being gone for a while I’m never sure how to start these posts. Do I say Hi, how’s it going? Or gosh! Thanks for coming by? All I know is it’s been to long in between posts and there has been so much going on I’m not even sure where to start.!?

1. New office/gallery/studio
2. Starting to ready my brain for the writing of “The Book”.


Really life is going fairly well all things considered. The Parkinson’s is kicking my ass pretty hard but my heart and head are in a better place than they’ve been in a longtime. Now that the gallery and studio have moved into their own locations I’m hoping that the painting will start to commence again.
Honestly though between getting the new painting space ready, meetings and trying to regain some form of a “Normal” life. I’m pretty much exhausted all the time but I’d rather live tired than not at all….
**thoughts on change
At first I thought all the travel last year was a great way to work through some life issues then it turned into an escape mechanism as I struggled to yet again re-find myself which sadly I’d been trying to do since my diagnosis in 2011.
It seems I’ve land in a peaceful place for the time being, as a very dear friend of mine and I used to ask each other . My head,heart, body and soul? Are doing well. 🙂 here’s a few quick pics of the completed gallery space. I’ve have some set backs in the overall plan but I’m not one to give up so we’ll see what the future brings.

And another:

Well unbelievably I started this post over a week ago. Typing isn’t really my strong suite anymore so I’ll end this post as it sits. I miss writing and sharing here a great bit, I have so many hopes and dreams for this new life I’m trying to grow and nurture. I just hope I get to enjoy some of it before my body decides to stop. Recent events have put a stop to all of my travel plans this year except for the Parkinson’s events that are planned. I’d hoped to make it to the UK but on SSDI and the painting not happening I doubt I’ll see my UK peeps this year 😦
Anyhow much love and light, I hope the world is kind and generous with you and you to it. For if not you, then who??

“A life in progress”

23 thoughts on “New things and stuff

  1. HI Ben, so sorry Parkinson is kicking your ass, but glad to see you posting again. I love the pictures, and your studio! That is on my wish list, if I had the money I’d turn my 8×12 porch into a sort of indoor/outdoor studio. It has a roof but it leaks, at least I can use it i the summer. My brother is visiting, and maybe we can figure a way to fix it. My toe should be healed by then, unless I end up having to have surgery. Take care!


    • Thanks, you take care too and really thank you for your kindness. Ive had some much change lately i counldnt even begin to post as life was shakimg me around like a rag doll. Now hopefully things will get better. Im learning to except real unconditional love, learning to express my root emotions instead of my reationary emotions. Its been a tremendous challenge. Any how i hooe your toe is okay. And feel free to ask i you need any suggestions for your space.


    • Thank you so much. Im really excited to open the doors and start teaching art and doig more to help advocate an educate about Young onset PD. And if one person can ead my story and find some peace of mind then i’ll have left something tangable behind.

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  2. Studio is looking wonderful, Ben! I don’t think it matters how long you take to do a post, as long as we hear from you occasionally – as you can manage. Life is a sorry thing without good friends, it’s great to hear from you any time 🙂

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