So fast……IDC-9 332.0

Here we are again you and I. Perhaps some music like in the old days.

Much better… And now to the matters at hand Parkinson’s, painting and life stuff.. First just a touch of the life stuff.
I feel like for the first time in my life I’m surrounded by people that share me desire to grow and thrive in life. People who know and understand the often difficult and quirky man I am. Though I must say I miss spending time with my beautiful and talented daughter Isabella. She and my son inspire me to be a better person daily.
Science(y) stuff….zzzzzzzzzzz
My PD has been changing and shifting as it does and will which in my moment of weakness cause little ripples of pure terror to echo through my soul but what’s a fella to do but ride it out until the fear of a frozen body and active mind passes. Frozen? You maybe wondering, “I thought PWP moved lots “wiggled” yeah….well not really, the Latin for PD is “arresto momentum” LOL not really that quote belongs to Harry Potter. paralysis a’gitans : Parkinson’s disease
is the Latin for PD which is effectively translated into the “Arrest” or stopping of movement or motion. So now you know šŸ™‚ Okay, we’ve had some music and a little “learning time” now perhaps some art to lighten the mood.
This piece is a continued unfinished work in progress. I’ve also been spending more time with “?”
This piece:

IMG_9754.JPG apparently I haven’t taken many pictures yet of this piece. The piece leaning against the wall is coming along nicely though the piece on the table is proving to be a challenge, but that’s a good thing right? Challenge myself to grow, change, continue to push my boundaries as an artist and human.
Oh and I just remembered to share this, I’ll be opening a gallery space here in the building within the next few weeks!!! Woot!!! Well it’s time to hit “post” and do a little sharing, sorry thins are a bit disjointed but sitting and typing doesn’t really happen anymore these days. I’m really trying hard to be very present in my life right now, so for now I’ll bid you adieu.
May all your dreams come true”

“A life in progress”



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