Ready, Set,Go…….. And some Arty stuff

So have you ever had one of those days when the world slaps the living crap of you…? Well today wasn’t one of those days thankfully but it certainly could have been. Today I had my in person interview with the state office of Human Services…..Que dramatic music. šŸ˜‰
So basically I spent 1.5 hours today letting a stranger, mind you a fabulous human, but a stranger none the less into my home and told her all about how I used to be “not sick” aka have Parkinson’s and how now I can barely drink coffee without it being in a travel cup for the fear o wearing half of it.
Maybe a little overly dramatic but my bad days have gotten worse and my good days have gotten slower so today was the day I asked for help. It’s only a four letter word. H.e.l.p. It’s easy to spell,write and say…. But for those of us who never really learned how to ask for it. Well it’s hard as heck to for me to do. Yet when faced with the fact that I need physical help with everything I figured now was a good time to ask.
…..a couple days later…….

Well it was approved!!! Woot!! I’m still waiting to hear how much funds will be allocated towards my care from the State of Oregon but they said yes! That’s all that matters at this point. Now onto some art like things. First let’s take a quick look at some pics I’ve take lately.



#no filter
And then maybe some paint…?

Two pieces that I’m currently working on. Well it’s time for groceries and a hair cut. As always be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.

Until next,
“A life in progress”

**closer sneak peak


8 thoughts on “Ready, Set,Go…….. And some Arty stuff

    • Thank you and yes i was very suprised that i was approved so quickly. Well quick for government work šŸ™‚ its comforting to know that as my PD progresses that ive some support available.


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