First paint and Photos of 2015

Good day, it’s lovely to see you again, I hope the world has been kind to you and yours. Here is a quick look the first images from the studio. First a photo:
2015 Bmpstudio
And then some paint:



The shroud Really made for me 2014 complete, the photo was taken 1/1/15 it evoked a feeling of closure, a literal putting the old year behind me, putting it to bed, entombed in the fading memories of my passed.

SHE is a work in progress a painting just for me.This will be the first of the 2015 My Girlscollection.
Well after having this entire post delete twice, I’m going to leave this third closing statement short.
Cherish the ones you love, forgive the ones you don’t am live with passion for the things you do and have in you life.

Much love and best wishes in this new year.
“A life in progress”

9 thoughts on “First paint and Photos of 2015

  1. i love the strong symbolism of the shroud and what it means to you, and also love the curves of your new painting, just for you. curves offer hope, while sharp edges are limiting and cold, at least in my eyes. )


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