Half and Half

So here we are…. 1/2 the world is in next year and the other half is waiting to their turn. Honestly I’m sooooo ready to leave 2014 behind. I made some amazing friends and sadly lost some amazing friends. I found and lost love. I laughed and cried as loud as I could and somehow I made it to this last day of 2014. I painted a ton o paintings and traveled around the world. An none of it I worth anything without my friends and family. So to those of you who are still out there, THANK YOU!! You inspire, teach and make me strive to be a better person everyday. You make me try and give me hope, for that and for much much more I’m forever in your debt.

In 2015 I’m hoping to stay closer to home, making just the UK trip and a couple short stateside trips. I’ll be pouring most all of my energy into Parkinson’s advocacy work and painting. Well it’s time for me to hit the “post” button.

Much love and light.
**last post of 2014 pst USA

See ya next year 😉


26 thoughts on “Half and Half

  1. Love and light, Benjamin! Hope you can realize your goals in the new year! I will be including you in Reiki Friday mornings again I hope. My husband had pneumonia and is still sick so things have been in suspended animation. Also I have been withdrawing from a psychiatric drug and going through physical and emotional symptoms. Let’s hope that 2015 is a better year for us all. Bless you, Benjamin. I am so sorry for all your pain, physical and emotional. Big New Year’s hug, Ellen


    • You my dear, one of my dearest friends here and in RL. Thnk you again fobyour support and friendship. You have me the hope and courage almost 3 years ago to keep going an see my vision through. Im forever thankful. Happy new year.

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  2. good eve, good new year for both of us…. well, bearable anyway. i’ve been editing some old posts and so often i see your words and face there… i realized how much i miss you and your kind words spoken just to me. you are a special man, a dear friend and one who i treasure. if it seems i disappeared, i did. i lost my ‘follow’ you, and somehow i cannot get it to let me now either. and i haven’t been all that with it during this time of year… i actually detest it all and am happiest on this day because it is the end and the beginning, all at once. 😉

    so much love and hugs to you, dear B. and somehow i’ll figure out this follow debacle. xoxoxoxoxoxox


    • Its so good to hear from you, you are also a very dear friend. Ive a new person here in my life that i was just telling about how much i enjoyed our talks. You my dear friend I hope to havr in my life till my very end. Maybe this spring/summer i can come paint for you. And rest… 🙂


  3. Greetings, Ben.
    It’s so Nice to dropped by to your blog and found lot of your amazing paintings here. I already amazed by the way you give lines, cracks, paints, and I not even yet go to your entire blog posts. hehehe


    Thanks for inspiring me.



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