Time for a change…….

Life lately has been like riding a storm at sea without a compass. At times I drift close enough to land to see the horizon lines of where’s I’ve been and where I like to be yet getting there seems to be growing harder and harder as this blasted Parkinson’s changes my brain chemistry.

Honestly I write this in a small moment of clarity when I can actually sit back an see my life and I wonder wtf happened.?
These moments of clear thinking are the ones that cause the most panic I think. When I can see what I was whom I think I am now and see the path that will lead me to whee I’d like to be again. So much work to do to get there. I often wonder how or if I’ll find the energy and resources to get there. But as we’ve all hear before and my grandfather used to say “where there is a will there’s a way” and I’ve always believed that life is just a huge puzzle with moving pieces. I can clearly see where I’d like to be in my life the trick is moving the pieces to the right place at the right time. Plus a ton of hard work and luck never hurt.
“Dear Liza a hole”
I’ll be spending the next few days compiling a group of paintings and prints for an end of the year SALE. I like to start each year fresh so stay tunes if you’ve had your eye on any pieces. Feel free to search the galleries for works o interest.

Again many thanks for your support over the last year I can’t wait to share this new year of adventure and growth with all of you and hey with any luck this will be the year they cure Parkinson’s disease.
“Never give up hope”
Motto for this year. I’ll explain in more detail later.

Much love, light and laughter to all.
“A life in progress”
**Sneak Peek


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