Walk about…words,pictures and paint.

Over the passed month I’ve been so busy doing these small events locally that spending time painting for my own creative desires and needs honestly hadn’t been happening. I’ve worked on a few small pieces and done some commission work but true painting from the soul….. I miss it..

Sans the painting I’ve been doing okay.. Trying to rebuild my relationship with my son after the separation from my ex and trying to find myself amongst the rubble I left in my wake.. I have to admit after I came bak from the UK last year I basically freaked.. 17 years of my life, my children and the world as I knew it gone…… So here we are a new year dawning just around the corner, me in a new life, new place and new people. Sorry for the digression it’s early here and I’m squirreling in a sea of med head being rather reflective. The point being of this post photos… Yes despite all these silly words pictures will arrive shortly. I’ve been reducing my pain pills and have started walking lots, painfully at times but with my balance fading and my memory changing I figure everything I can do to keep this fucking Parkinson’s at bay I should probably do. No on to the walk about. All of these photos were taken on with my phone and edited with either Instagram or a simple photo edit app.

“Waterfront” An evening walk 21/12/14

“Night walk” Look up

“At the Park”

** This last pic was on a walk at a little pull out. It has no title or purpose other than to make me happy.
Now time for some written words:

The dawn comes so quickly
When I’m with you.
There are times when I know
Not whether we chase the night
Or run from the sun
Your thoughts made real
By the strength of my
Grip. My desires made
Real by all of you.
There is not moment in time
That my thoughts don’t rest
To the taste I mouth or
The beat of your tender heart
Next to mine.
For it is not the ropes that
Restrain us but the ties that
bind us.


As always thank you for your time, encouragement, patients and understanding as I share this journey.
Please remember to always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have. Oh and smile it’s good for you πŸ˜‰

“A life in progress”


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