It’s kind of heart breaking to go back exactly one year to the day and see how much has changed. I hope those of you reading this feel love, joy and happiness. 3 days till Christmas I hope the season has treated you well.

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Life’s given me lots of things some good some bad. Some easy as walking in a door and some I’ve hard to work for until every pore in my body cried out in agony. This task I take on today I have myself. I probably could have asked while the contractor was here if he and his crew could paint and lay the floors for my studio. It would have been as easy as walking in the door. But I was taught by a very stubborn yet loving grandfather that the things in life we most appreciate are the things we build ourselves. Not unlike the relationships we have with people or the car we first get and spend hours of bloody knuckles trying to fix. Not unlike my studio. This space will live and breathe the essence I put into it. Therefore I chose to do the work myself…

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