Just so ya know…

Words are funny things.

They can build bridges across time and space. They can mend wounds, bring smiles, hope and cure a broken heart. How have you used your words today?
Me: I spent an hour on the phone talking with the WPC *World Parkinson’s Coalition people about an event that brings hope, courage, community and peace of mind to people around the globe. The next event is just north of me in Portland Oregon 2016.
I also spent a part of the morning working on the business end of the “Gallery-Studio” Annex. I’m trying to write a grant proposal that’s due Friday and if I don’t do it first thing in the morning my brain squirrels to hard by lunch time to really be of much use in the critical thinking dept.


I know I’ve mentioned it before but seriously it never ceases to amaze me how fast and hard things can change in a couple of nights. An idea turns into a conversation that grows into a more complex idea that grows legs and starts to self evolve, then BAM!! You’ve a project that turns into a “thing” that grows and suddenly things start falling into place. Life’s funny that way, sometimes it is a simple as having the courage or humility to ask for approval or help. Yes it’s true the old adage of “You never know until you ask” well it’s true. So often we assume because I the passed that an answer will always follow a pattern an mostly it does life has a was of being predictable, because we humans love our patterns and routines. Heck I’m dependent on them. But sometimes if you ask the right question to the right person at the right time wheels and ideas can be out in motion that will start to change just about anything that you want to. Remember Dreams are just ideas, ideas are just dreams not yet realized. So point yourself in the direction you want to end up and start doing… Do one small thing each day that brings you closer to that goal
And before you know it you’ll be telling other people how amazing the journey was to the end if your goal or priority.
On a closing note I hope you’ve all be well, happy, healthy and safe. The world is a large an vast place especially when it comes to the human heart, mind and soul so please remember to always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

Hopefully in a month or so I’ll have a new gallery space, new studio space and lots lots more to share. This year I’m going to dedicate to Parkinson’s advocacy work, Art therapy, painting and teaching educational classes on art and color theory. PD awareness and education. Thankfully I have the support of some very wonderful people in my life, including all of you. May all your days be the kind dreams are made of.

“A life in progress”


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