Here we are… Or there we were….?

It’s funny how we all call victim to time. The celebration of dates and moments in our lives. Today I sit here and write as I’ve done for years now. Tonight it’s been one yet since the last something red show. I remember a strange lonesome night filled with a black suit a red scarf and possibly a glass of wine or two 😉

My dear friend Gryphon joined me that evening as we wandered the tiny little town if Salem Oregon, sipping wine and freezing a we walked to the awards thing.

Here I find myself one year later living and painting just a few floors above where I was a year ago today. Life has changed more that one could ever have imagined and the stories of those adventures could fill volumes. Tonight I’m joined for the first time for an event. Something I’ve waited a life time to do. A year…. The older we get the faster they come yet if we think about it in the grand scheme of our lives a year is simply a year like any other, so make each day count like there is no tomorrow. Live, love and laugh each day.

*we all have them, do you control yours?
24″ x 24″
Mixed media
Work in progress

Untitled work in progress
24.5″ x 48″

Well it’s time to go to the showing, I must admit I’m a little nervous when it comes down to it I was raised in a very competitive way so is love to place but I also really am going tonight to show my support to the amazing people at Artists in Action and our fare little art community here in Salem.
So until we meet again please try to Be Brave, Be Bold and thrive in the life you have…..

“A life in progress”


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