More photos of the world I see.

Over the course of the last few years I’ve finally learned how to take photos. All to the magic of the iPhone, Instagram and apparently I’ve an eye of this kind of stuff. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world this year a gift of experiences I’ll be forever thankful for. I’d like to say it was a good year and in a way it was. I learned a great deal about myself my likes and dislikes at a very deep personal level. But I digress I’ll save the juicy bits and goals for 2015 for my end of the year post. So on with the photos shall we? Many of you who follow me on twitter or FB may have seen some of these, but most o you probably haven’t seen the collection in one spot for some time.

So off we go on a walk through my life and the world as I see it.
The Guardian
*iphone,insta modified original photo.

A tangled web we weave
*iphone,insta modified original photo.

Harmful if swallowed
*Iphone,insta modified original photo.

The colours you bring
*Iphone,insta modified original photo

Glorious Gold~ An evening walk
*Iphone,insta modified original photo

Hearts on Fire
*Iphone,insta modified original photo
Well my friends I’ve reached a point that if I don’t press “post” this thing will never ever see the light of day. I hope wherever you are and whatever your doing that love an light fill all your days and night. Please remember to always Be Brave, Be Bold an Thrive in the life you have.

Happy Holidays
“A life in progress”


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