Something Red 2014

Once a long time ago there was a boy who dreamed of painting in colours that would opened people’s hearts. Once a long time ago I dreamed of changing the world to a better place by creating art that would bring people together in heart and conversation. Art that would make people think, think about themselves, think about our world and we relate and interact with it.
No I paint simply to live, simply because this vessel I reside in can’t contain the amount of colour, passion and emotion I feel every waking second if every day. Because this mind can not handle the pain o Parkinson’s disease and because our world needs love… Tender compassionate love for each other. I’ve been silently in a dark place for a while and the result is these three pieces that I’ve chosen to submit to the “Something Red” art competition.

Last year
Sanguine Moon

This year I’ll be submitting tree pieces:



Hold back the Darkness



Heart Broken

Phoenix Rising

And that’s my friends is about all I’ve time for today. Pills, paint and prose are calling so I’ll bid you all adieu. For now at least. Please remember to always try to Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have, because it will change….

“A life in progress”

Sneak peak “things I see an how I see them”


12 thoughts on “Something Red 2014

  1. Words are so inadequate sometimes when art expresses it all. The Broken Heart painting I particularly feel because, my friend, you express the unwritable.


  2. Beautiful pieces Benjamin, the texture and depth of each is incredible and testament to the quality of your work, and depth of emotion that is poured into each. Nice to see you again and thinking of you during this time – take care, Mary


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