Holding back the Darkness~Completed

Good day and thank you as always for stopping by. I feel a bit sad not being able to post as frequently as before. Life has me fairly swept up at the moment. Between a changing life and changing Parkinson’s symptoms I feel lucky to be able to paint still let alone type. Here is the final framed version of the afore mentioned piece and the customary close ups.
*An excerpt from a press release interview I did last year:
What would you do if you were told you have an incurable disease? Would you give up everything to save the life you have left? Here’s a story about a man who did just that. Please join Benjamin as he openly shares his journey as an artist, a father and a person with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease.

Holding back the Darkness
26″x38″ framed
Mixed media
Bmp down town studio

In each of our lives at some point we will all face great grief and sorrow. Great happiness and joy. This piece for me is the embodiment of holding back the sorrow, grief and struggle of normal life. Slowly as I relearn what it’s like to live and love again I keep pushing back the darkness and with any luck will continue to grow as an artist,father, man and friend to many.
Some close ups to end the day.



And lastly a recap:

“The mind wants what the body can’t have and the heart can’t handle”


5 thoughts on “Holding back the Darkness~Completed

  1. Beautiful and striking images, Ben; you have captured so well those moments we all share, those times when darkness seems to encroach and we have only our bones and fragments of hope to hold it all back, when the brightness of being takes up its sword and lunges against the overwhelming parries and ripostes of Sorrow’s Sabre. But, it is clear from your painting that, despite everything, you are ready with your own ballestra lunge of creativity to foil your adversary’s attack! Hugs, Ali xxx

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