Things I see…… And how I see them…” Morning walks”

Hi there…. It’s nice to see you again.. So care to join me for my morning walk.? These days living in a downtown environment I find it important to get out of the house and walk. During these journeys I try a capture the world truly through my eyes. As an abstract artist I find that it’s key to draw inspiration and motivation from every source available, Mother Nature being my number one inspiration. So please again won’t you join me on today’s walk about.

One Path~Two Choices
*manipulated photo

There be Dragons

Oh the things you’ll see #1

Oh the things you’ll see #2
All the photos are originals taken on an iPhone and the tweaked in a way that I hope reflects to you the way I see the world. Or to say the world through my eyes.
Today has been a strange day, a few to many ups and downs for my taste but today I have to take credit for that :-/ I’m not the most easy person to he along with….. And now some words

To what end do we express to
Desires and madness of this human life.
Such feelings deep and dark or bright as sun does shine.
For what grows and beats only in the shade of the day and breeze that fills the mind.
Subtle longing sneak behind words paint and prose as the day grows longer.
Busy hands find idle tasks to keep
The days demons at bay.
Butterflies collected along way give
Fill to the heart, body mind and soul
Yet a wolf will always search for home just as a raven will spread it’s wings.
I sit and stare at these blank walls, canvases of my heart and mind.
My souls escape, giving hope to the day, night and tomorrow’s dawn.
Purging little pieces along the path like bread crumbs to the trail of my minds eye.
Such solace gains ground as this body slowly fades for only in action can the peace I seek be found.
Hard it be, the part where the time moves so slow and worse is the day when the clock hands spin freely.
Drink, drink from heart and you’ll taste the want that feeds my soul.
And last but not least. A thought a single solitary thought… To be held…..

Please remember to be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have, make the life you want and regret only the the things you haven’t done or where to afraid to do…. Love….. Love hard, love fast and fully. Fill your life with passion for in the end we all die alone.

“A life in progress”

**sneak peak Holding back the Darkness **first paint stage



15 thoughts on “Things I see…… And how I see them…” Morning walks”

  1. When you pass on, Ben, there will not be a dark place for you – quite the contrary. You will have peace and rest in the heaven that is prepared for you and loneliness will be far, far away.


  2. i love these walks, and the photos and love to take these journeys too, looking at the world around me with a closer eye. as for your new piece, it seems the perfect title, for in it, i see a knight, hands stretched, holding off the demons coming at him from all sides, his sword thrown to the ground –


  3. Love the photos as well as the paintings Benjamin! I wish I could do the photo manipulation also, yet alas, I cannot yet. LOL However, I will say…. that even if I die in a room without other people around, I don’t think I’ll be alone. (Just my personal thoughts you see) I believe that my ancestors and (most of) my family will be there with me to help me through to the other side. I’m sure there are a few that didn’t make it, but then there always are. I’m pretty sure they found plenty of company as well. 😀 Smile and enjoy each day for the blessing it is.


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