Lessons~ 30/8/2014

These words were written long ago by me. During a time great change. As I sit here once again on this sleepless night I find the words comforting strong and true. I’ve been on someone’s else’s journey to many times this year and I finally feel like I’m getting back on track with my own. Please have these words as I’ve given them to you before. With all my heart, with all my strength I give these things to you as I’ve always done.

As the sky opened up and invited out my heart for one last dance, we played in the moonlight, talked like lovers and bathed beneath the stars.
For tomorrow my love I start a new quest for I have found my armor.
Into the deepest hole I fell with demons and dragons, angels with no wings to carry me home.
Their I lay for a thousand-thousand day and night till I saw hope.
One piece at a time I found them, hope and heart, passion and love. Honor and pride and the will to fight again.
For I have polished my armor and sharpened my sword, Demons beware for the white knight has returned. With sliver tough and oceans for eyes, the blacks of souls to lead you from the night. Take my hand my love if you dare.
Our journey awaits.
Photo credit: found on tumblr.

As always my dear friends and family. Your support through this lifes journey and exploration is more than any one man could have asked for. I am forever grateful to have you by my side.
And please remember, to Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have. For you never know when things will change, and they will.

Much love,
“A life in progress”

5 thoughts on “Lessons~ 30/8/2014

  1. Every journey…we learn more about ourselves AND others. Sometimes, it’s bittersweet, to figure these things out. That people aren’t who you thought or how they presented themselves to be. Sometimes, we invest much time in “figuring others out”, when it’s US, who we need to figure out.
    Turn this new leaf, Ben. Only YOU can be the one to turn it. – Crystal


  2. Your words are always wise and thoughtful. You are such a beautiful soul and such a beautiful human being. Life throws all sorts of blankets at us, but there is usually only one that makes us proper warm. Hugs.


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