Home at last……kind of..

Just arrived back in Portland Oregon for a quick few day stay. I’ve a tattoo appointment tomorrow the a day or so before I fly back out to Nevada till the first. Below you’ll find a small, piece of my heart and a large piece of my mind.

There are times in this life that simple words will not do
To express the tender joy I feel.
Here on the darkest night,amongst the darkest sky lit
Only by the heavens. I find peace as the smoke fills my lungs
Penetrates everything I am creating clarity, harmony and self acceptance.
My bear and my wolf run wild here. Free to think and be free.
There is such stillness in nature before the sun rises.

It’s been since I was a much younger man that I’ve felt the freedom of
The forrest. The air is cold to the touch, mixed with the rage of a contained fire.
So pure, so right. My wind swirls as my demons try to come and see this small piece of heaven in which I sit but I do not allow them entry. There is no send, no likes, links. Nothing else to think but about the calm, the cold and the fire.
I’d forgotten how much I miss this part of my life that I left behind so long ago.
Cowboy coffee and hobo stew. Camp chairs and caravans. Songs and tales that fill the nights sky.

So good, so right. I’ll not fight this peaceful with thoughts of forgiven lands.
With worries of what nots dollars and cents. I have a home, some paint a word or two that has found my tongue and friends…
Friends that love me for who I am, truly, purely for being me….B

5:39a pst lost lake camping trip
Alice, Will, Jim, Heather, John, Lyric, Scott, Audrey, Watson and myself
8-22 / 8-24 2014

Remember at the end of the day if your not happy with yourself, you’ll never truly bring joy to anyone else.

18 thoughts on “Home at last……kind of..

      • Yes, I can very much identify with that feeling, Ben. Our lives are so very technical and material-based, aren’t they? And sometimes we need to be out in the elements; we need to be where things are very very simple, and pure, and almost childlike. xxx


      • Yes and no cell service, no FB,Twitter,Skype, Instagram etc… It gave me a chance to start moving past some recent events in my life that I needed to leave behind.
        Much love always.


  1. I haven’t taken the plunge, to ink, but I have a folder of all that I want, need, love!
    Probably will start with a 3 leaf clover, then a pink heart (right there), then an infinity symbol….


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  3. YAY, camping is fun! Was the heat bad, where you were? St. Lou has been hot (100’s) and extremely humid. Gross. No camping for me in that weather, unless its at the lake house.
    Did you do “campy” things, like float, swim, bonfire, sing Kumbaya? – Crystal


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