Greetings and salutations ~Erie PA~

Hi, it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written here and though it’s only been a day or so a ton of really heavy stuff has happened. I’ve made some new friends, had an old one turn out to be batshit crazy and I’ve driven half way across the United States all this in two day. All I can say is as soon as you think things are starting to settle look again before you cross that road because sometimes that A-train is just a tad late.
It funny so far in the past two days, I’ve been challenged emotionally and physically more than I’ve been in a long time. Apparently PWP or at least this PWP (people with Parkinson’s) shouldn’t sit in cars for 8 hrs at a time 😉 actually I knew that already but now I really know my physical limitations. For some reason flying around the world, not a problem but stick me in a car and ask this body to hold still…. Not good.

One thing is for sure as much as I love to travel, I can’t wait to get home and paint. I never thought I’d say it as when I’m there I often get a huge case of the lonely but I miss my house ( apartment ). The studio as I often refer to it. Which apparently confuses people when they come over for the first time because in reality it’s a large 2 bedroom loft with modern appliances and all the comforts of home, not the preconceived tiny little starving artists painting studio. I’m very excited for next month since the willamette valley open studio tours will be happening and I have a very dear friend and my personal assistant coming up to help out with the event. September 13,14 so all of you in the Pacific Northwest come on down there’s plenty of room it’s going to be fun, that much I can guarantee.
Well my dear friends, it’s just about that time, time to stuff myself back into the car and head east. I’ve about four more hours and I’ll be in the big apple.
I hope where ever you are and what ever your doing that you find peace in your heart and love in your soul. Forgive the one that hurt you and hold onto the one that don’t. Try to always be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have, because as life has reminded me once again on the this trip you never know when things will change and I can assure you they will.

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”
I’m far from perfect but at least I tried.


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