Greetings from the road

Literally 😉 cruising down the 70 east heading to NY. I just wanted to pop in and say Hi to everybody.

So I couldn’t stand it I had to purchase a little paint for the road. This particular journey I’m not here to paint but as most of my blood, heart and soul is connected to color and words I figured a little paint couldn’t hurt right?
I seem to have misplaced the photo of this super cute little watercolor set I picked. Oh well I’ll paint for you tonight.

The last flower from Saint Louis. Kind of sad really I painted 6 maybe 7 paintings in STL over the past year and a half. Certainly a city I’d like to visit again.
Just found out that I won’t be going back to Canada any time soon. Kinda sad but I guess it’s for the best, I’ve been spreading myself to thin these days and honestly putting my trust in places and people I shouldn’t. Guess that comes with living life to it’s fullest right? Lol. Oh well. I tried.
The first big stop of the day is Indianapolis which will be great. Time to rest, think and paint. To all my true friends. Thank you for your support, love and kindness.

“A life in progress”

2 thoughts on “Greetings from the road

  1. So sorry to hear about your trust in some people and places being misplaced, Ben; that must have been very hurtful and sad for you. It does, as you say, come from living life to the fullest and with an open heart and creative mind. We wouldn’t want you any other way, dear friend.
    Hugs from the South West of England, Ali xxx


    • Thank you my friend truly. It’s my fault though. You know me if I’m in I’m all in and this time all the warning signs were clear I just chose not to listen to my gut lol. Yes I am still a male driven by instincts lol.
      Much love and light


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