Once again with feeling…..

As I brace my body and mind to once again set out on this next adventure I do so with a great mindfulness of who I am. Probably more so than I have in all of my travel in all my days. There comes a time in our lives when the veil starts to rise and we begin to see ourselves more clearly with more clarity than ever before. I feel I’m in that place. I’m learning to accept my fears as an man, father, artist and human. I accept that I yearn to be held, to have a partner to share the joys and sorrows of life and I do so proudly. I accept my limitations and understand that they will change as I do. I’d like to say I’m happy and some times I am and sometimes I’m not, but hey, that’s life.
In just a few short minutes I’ll call my cab and I’ll once again leave my lovely area of the world and as I do I’ll leave you with this question. In your heart of hearts are you happy, have you known love, given it, received it? I have and it’s a beautiful, scary, marvelous thing. I thank you as always for your time, your kindness and you support.
New Lotus #2 a work in progress.
May you too learn to rise above the challenges in your life, be fearful, but don’t live it fear. Be bold but not brash, be brave but not inconsiderate. Most of all be you. For you are one of a kind and have a gift to give the world that is unique and special to only you.

Much love and light. I’ll do my best to post when I can from wherever I can.

The traveling poetish painter.
“A life in progress”

9 thoughts on “Once again with feeling…..

  1. You make me happy!!!
    …and in some small way, I hope I bring some happiness to you!!!
    More than anything, your friendship gives me hope for a happier future xx ❤️


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