There are times in life when a leap of faith is all you need. You follow that gut instinct or draw and simply follow it. I think at times as humans in an American society we are trained that average is okay it’s “safe” or “normal”
Often when people ask me about my travels they’ll comment about how lucky I am or with ” my condition” how brave I am. Well in reality I’m not sure it helps to have a skewed sense of fear and it doesn’t hurt that my wanderlust and passion drive me further in my life than my internal fears and insecurities. But in reality and in it’s most simple explanation I just leap!! I do where most so no. Which is something anyone can do. The moral of this morning pre coffee ramble. In this life if it makes your heart and soul sing in travel, love, paint , write, dance, sing in the rain…..Do it!!!! Do it with all that you have because you may never get another chance or another person in your life like that. Be brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have!!!

Okay so now onto some arty things. I’ve been working on the first few layers of this piece. A commissioned work for a very special couple in my life. It’s always such a huge honor to paint for people, sure selling art is great because money buys food, rent, medicine etc but for me the $$ is nominal compared to being able to focus all of my creative passion into one thing and make that one thing explode with a life of it’s own and to do so with specific intent. Always good!!
It’s funny how much the iPhone doesn’t like really “hot” reds and yellow. It tries to make them pink and orange, it’s rather random. I’ll be leaving tomorrow for my next trip a quick flight to Saint Louis to visit some friends and help move a client to NY, then NY for a few days hopefully to visit with yet another group of clients and good friends. Then on the 21st I fly back into PDX stay the night and ten go camping. Something I haven’t done in years. So I’m very very excited about that. Then on the 25th I pop into wonderland tattoo and get some more work done on my most recent piece.

From there I’ll stay in Portland for a day because I fly back out on the 27th to Nevada to see my sweet grandmother. My last grandparent and one of the woman I cherish most in my life. She helped raise me when I was young *my childhood…. Not that awesome, that’s another story of another day. I fly back into town the 1st of September and will hit the ground running. The open studio tours start September 13th and I’ll have a ton of painting and prep to do. Anyhow my dear friends as always it’s lovely to have you with me in these journeys I look forward to sharing my life and continued adventures with all of you. So don’t hold back live your life to the fullest that you can. Money will come and go.Houses, cars and all that “stuff” is just stuff. Be proud of who you are, strive daily to become more at peace with your life and love fully, deeply and passionately for when the death lights come. I know I for one will pass with a smile and three deep breathes knowing I’ve lived, loved and laughed the best I knew how.

“A life in progress”

12 thoughts on “Sometimes……

  1. Oh, I hope you show what the updated tattoo looks like!

    I had the same feeling for my grandmother, she was the light in my childhood. I hope you have a wonderful visit with her.


  2. My dear B,
    We are kindred spirits xx
    Godspeed, keep in touch, and remember, someone is always listening 🙂
    Always ❤
    Ps: I love Foo Fighters =D


    • Thanks. It’s been the hardest travel I’ve even been on. Some very personal things happened that have kind of rocked my world and self confidence but I fly home tomorrow. I hope you have a great day.


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