I reach for you..originally post 7/6/14

I reach for you
Grasping at the small
Words that float and linger
Leaving tastes of want and hope
Lost in the nights sky.
Floating, floating like the ashen fire
Licks the nights
Skin then fades
Fades into the dawns hour
Forever floating just above
The edge of my dreams
And the silent wake of the night
I reach for you…


**photo credit Google images**

9 thoughts on “I reach for you..originally post 7/6/14

  1. Really nice poem. I like it.
    How often do we feel like this? Often, in my life.
    When I read this, it makes me think of muses that I never touch in reality. Yet, connections last beyond years of silence. There is a chemical reaction that seems to happen between two likeminded people. Maybe it’s “waves” or maybe it’s body chemistry that extends the miles and even light years, in some cases.
    I KNOW I have met and interacted intimately (not sexually, necessarily) with people whom I’ve never met in physical life. There is a connection that is so intimate and unmistakingly familiar! As though, we had been together in a past life. Or possibly, the future holds so many new and interesting interactions between people. Could we have some muses who we have never met….yet?
    You never know who you will come in contact with, day to day. It’s pretty interesting.
    (I think my response was longer than your poem. Sorry.)


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