Morning thanks~Words

In the morning I miss you most of all
A gentle touch to remind me I’m alive
A whispered “wake up”, to start my day
Now filled with tightness and pain
Followed by pills and text that display
The wandering of others for public dismay.
This, this is how I start my day.
So touched by others, sisters and mothers
some of them uncles and probably brothers.
I find myself deep in their hearts,
nightmares and dreams.
Silently reading their heartache and screams.
From little red wagons
and fighting off dragons.
This is how I start my day.

….. To anyone reading this, I carry your heart, I keep it close to mine in hope we may find some solace and peace of mind. A quote from “lux Interior” ( cramps) Life is short filled of stuff don’t know what for i ain’t had enough.

“A life in progress”

5 thoughts on “Morning thanks~Words

  1. Your words carry so much feeling Ben….. You always have been so fantastic as both the painting, but also reaching into a soul with your words. ❀
    P. I love my prints but just can't afford to get them framed yet… when I do I'll try to send you a picture! πŸ˜€


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