~Lotus Flower~ Completed

She’s finished… Phew… And I don’t feel like I screwed it up. She is so close to my vision I’ll accept it as completed.. Otherwise I’d have thousands of uncompleted works sitting around the studio.
This Lotus for me is again part of a healing process I will probably be in for the rest of my days. Healing from one life to the next one transition to another as the one sure and true thing that this life does offer is change. I’d like to believe that what rise out if transformative change is a more strong more pure form of who we are to our most core nature. Though these life events tend to be the most brutal and unforgiving I’d like to think that they can also be if observed correctly a marvelous tool of self discovery and growth.

As I transitioned from a “career job” back to a more true version of my passions in life via the vehicle of Parkinson’s disease I though life couldn’t get anymore hard. Then the loss of my wife and children through our separation. Proved me wrong. I must admit my heads been spinning none stop of the past 4 months. So slowly, painfully I’m finding my way. New support system, new friends, challenges and opportunities.

So I too like this Lotus flower hope to grow from the dark waters of my past and Blume into something new a chance at life and all the joys and pain it brings.

All those things being said. I carry a calm in my heart as if I’ve a baby rabbit in my hands. Soft, peaceful thoughts, no hasty movement, just patients and tender care. I guard my heart a bit more than before and that makes me a little sad but time dies change all wounds and we know how I feel about change, I’m counting on it.


~Lotus Flower~
24″ x 30″
Mixed media

To those of you who read this far down…. Where you are and what ever you do. Please remember to always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have… You never know when it will change.

10 thoughts on “~Lotus Flower~ Completed

  1. and it is strikingly beautiful. it looks to me that it has a third eye right in the center, the eye the wise ones say that we cannot see, but is right in the center of our foreheads – all seeing, all knowing, perception on a higher level )

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  2. What a beautiful way to describe the process of recreating one’s life, even under unpleasant circumstances. Great job on the painting.


  3. Dearest B… Firstly I love her she beams life!

    And secondly I just want to say how very proud I am of you… in my life I don’t think I can recall a person as strong as you… with the depths of what you have faced, lost and have been through… I am in awe of you! Here’s to the future my friend!!! Hugs xox


    • Thanks very very kind of you to say. I think the most important part of all of this life, good, bad or ugly as it may seem at times I try to keep hope in my heart. And drink a lot of coffee.
      Your a wonderful friend truly.


  4. This is an amazing artwork, my friend! The more I look at it, the more I see in that finely sculpted form. The lotus stem is somewhat like an umbilical cord as it spirals towards the flower… and the flower itself, seeming a bit bloody from its birth, ksbeth noticed the third eye. The eleven petals remind me of the Ekadesha Rudra – the 11 destroying powers of God that arise at the end of an age to clear away all that is negative and destructive to evolution. Even on an unconscious level we know about that, very interesting 🙂


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