PM thoughts, words and studio time

As always it’s lovely to see. Tonight here in my small corner of the world I sit, not sleeping, writing and going for leisurely 2a walks in the mornings night. I’d like to just take a brief moment and share some thoughts, written words and some paint.
I think it’s possible to be addicted to a person. Humans all being electro-chemical being create a pulse or vibration that seems only likely to effect other humans. That’s why we have levels of draw or attraction to certain people more so than others.
**really random thoughts float around my head 😉
Some words actually written 7/21/14

There are no words made to express
The depth of my love.
Nor colors pure enough
To express the tenderness of my heart.
For open up the sky to the stars above and gaze upon the beauty I see in your eyes.
The gift of gentleness if felt in your arms. Speaks in a voice to soft for the wind.
There are no songs that can sing to an angels soul like yours has song to mine.
And no ocean vast or simple sea would I not cross to lay in your arms once again.

Then we have the paint. Slowly but surely this lotus flower is coming along .
This shot is from slightly above as the piece was drying on my work table.

Lotus Flower
Often thought of as a symbol of rebirth, purity and depending on the color many others should I be traditional one could say that when the next color get applied this lotus will represent the rebirth of love.
*work in progress

Well I think I’m off to nap a bit before the sun rises here in the west coast of the states. I hope where ever you are and what ever your doing that the world is kind to you and you to it.
May all dreams come true.


7 thoughts on “PM thoughts, words and studio time

  1. We can have addictions to anything. Food, drugs, sex, etc. I would assume that being addicted to a person is completely plausible. Equally as destructing, but plausible.
    See, maybe we aren’t addicted to a particular person, as much as we are obsessed with thoughts of “woulda, coulda, shoulda”. Or the dream of “what mighta been” is the addiction. Whatever the case, we always need to take care of ourselves first. Others, second. Being a fruitful heart, I’m sure this is difficult for you. I mean, being a “giver” and all.

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  2. That lotus flower painting is so beautiful, becoming one of my favorites.
    It’s perfectly possible to be addicted to another person, even if they are doing you no good whatsoever. Your mind is constantly ingraining the multitudinous emotions you feel for them on the background of previous memories until it becomes a solid sculpture. It’s a very, every difficult thing to get out of.


  3. Your thoughts about addictions and emotions strike a chord with me. One that – like an A-flat minor 7 chord on an out-of-tune piano – is both familiar and uncomfortable. But sometimes those are the notes I need to hear: soothing and jarring at the same time. A beautiful bloom in murky ground…

    And I am reminded: A lotus grows in the mud.


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