All of my days~

I’ve loved you since before the hands of time found their way to the light of day.
I met you once….on a desert vast were the earth was hard and made of clay.

I’ve loved you since I was a small child with shy eyes and a silly grin never knowing just where to begin.

I’ve seen your soul on the palm of my hand where the lines cross but never meet.
I’ve loved you since the age of sages and Sanskrit.

You with your bows and pretty laces.
Our eyes met on a fleeting train, in the rain in Spain or was it Paris I forget but I never forgot.
I’ve held you in my soul waiting for the lines on my hands to meet.
I’ve loved you for all of my days.





20 thoughts on “All of my days~

      • Finally got mom’s house cleaned out and stored furniture etc. Naturally I’ve neglected my own house during all this time, and I really want to de-clutter if I can so that I can get this one in shape to sell. My dream is to move to the country. I’d really like about 15 acres, but as you know… we don’t always get what we want. I’m sorry to hear about the struggles, & keep you in my prayers. Sending Blessings and positive energy your way~ ❤


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