The Process~Lotus

Good morning, afternoon and evening. I hope where ever you are that the world has been kind to you and you to it. I’ve decided to start the lotus piece first and really concentrate my energy into this one piece. Usually when I paint I have 3-4 paintings going at once. It’s helps keep my monkey mind at bay and gives me something to do whilst I’m waiting for the paint to dry.

But this piece, this piece is going to get some attention exclusively.
As it holds a very special place in my heart. During the following images you’ll see a wide range of angles and perspectives. So what I’ve done is the first 30-40 micro layers of paint and washes followed by 5-6 layers of varnish applied at intervals in between the actual color application and then again over the entire piece once I’ve reached a spot that I’d like to freeze in time per say.


We started here and have since continued forward.



Since these pictures where taken I’ve add many layers of white and light cadmium yellow, mixed with a secret sauce 😉

Then just this morning I’ve started to add more bold or striking colors. Please keep in mind this is the background for the Lotus flower that will join us later.

A quick peak at today’s tools.

Blue application #1

Blue application #2

Blue application #3
So far this piece and I have a clear understanding of what need to happen and how, so literally it is a process of simply making my body do what my mind had already seen.

Very close up.

Then far away. Well my friend it’s about time for me to run, I’ve a friend coming down to help run some errands. Again I hope the was kind and you to it. For if not you an I then who??

Much love.
” a life in progress”

13 thoughts on “The Process~Lotus

  1. I know it’s still a work in progress, but you have no idea how much I needed to see this today. Very calming. Thank you.


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