Let there be paint…

Good morning. I hope your well today. It’s been a while. I woke this morning to a absolutely beautiful day. I have east facing windows in the studio section I my apartment and from time to time the rising sun gives me a morning to write, share and paint with. Today was one I those days. So please come in an join me.

I do have a number of pieces that I’ll be working on and posting about this week so stay tuned. This morning I spent some time soaking in the morning sunshine, texturing a few pieces and contemplating a design for a large lotus flower piece.**yes by popular demand I will be doing some lotus pieces 🙂 please enjoy.

A nice clean work space, for now ( about 5 min)


Then like magic, stuff. I’ve a commission piece I need to get working on today as well.


The texturing for the pieces may take an entire day to complete as I’m not going to over rush things with this work. It’s actually one of my life lessons that I’m learning right now. Things take time, we as humans take time, plants, air, water, love and trust take time. Since my DX back in November of 2011 I’ve been living like I have no more time. Which is true and not but in doing so I think I’ve rushed myself and missed out on and messed up something that life has given me. That being said the true lesson of slowing down and appreciating the small, tender and important things is harder than one may think but a journey most welcome in my life.


The light mixed with the “stuff” I have in my painting space makes for some great shadows.

Lastly a quick look at 1/2 of Broken framed. I’ll be heading to the art store shortly to pick up another 12″x12″ black frame to complete the other half of this piece.

Well I’m back to the studio. I hope all your dreams come true.

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”

5 thoughts on “Let there be paint…

  1. beautiful just beautiful everything and thank you i will also take time to enjoy the small things as time is set for no one but time stops in those perfect moments without us even realizing it. love the texture and light on the blank canvas. that is art-thoughts.


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