Words on Pain and Parkinson’s

Sometimes I feel me slipping away..
Beneath the pills and pain.
Silently watching the shakes and quakes.
Silently screaming as the words fail time and time
again to come from my mind to my mouth.
The worst nightmare one can imagine.
To slowly slip away in both body and mind.
To watch helplessly as one fades….fades away…..
Like a cannibal chef slowly carving off slices,..one…piece at a time…
Taken away by the sandman.
Rotten bastard that he is…
So much memories hovering just above,….Just out if reach.
It’s comical to watch a life fade away in a burning bright cosmic flash of brilliance dimmed by time, fear and pain.
More pills create more movement
More movement creates
More pain… More pain creates more pills
and the circle is complete.

3:35a pst

**even in Latin it says I’m fucked.


12 thoughts on “Words on Pain and Parkinson’s

  1. “even in Latin it says I’m fucked” just made me laugh, though I certainly don’t think the situation is funny at all. ((hugs)) as usual, I wish there was something more to say or do to help.


  2. My cycle is a little different….of course so is my dx
    I know, it’s not about me. Just wanted you to know…….


  3. I want more than ever to be in your shoes . I pray ” God let me be the reciprocal for Bens pain & suffering & take the disease away from him & give it to me , heal him from all this misery.” I pray in Jesus precious name. Then I pray help Ben be strong, hold him in your loving hands. AmenThere is only silence, all in Gods timing not ours.


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