Decisions ~life,love and paint.

Two days of inner sunshine…..
Two days of a calm I haven’t felt in years and better yet a slow acceptance of many of the situations in my life both in and out if my control. Sigh~ it’s been along time.. I’d like to say my PD is having a good as day as my soul and heart but I’ll take 2 out of 3 any day.
As of 3-4pst today 7/21/14 I’ll be out of pain pills. I have a 10a appointment at the docs tomorrow and a massage at 1p so if I can’t get my script filled in between life is going to get very very interesting. So much for planning ahead right. I called in Thursday of last week so I could avoid this little (HUGE) issue but didn’t hear the call in Friday from the doc until to late on that same evening.. Oops..!

Anyhow there are some huge things going on I’ve acquired a person to help me get organized a PA if you will. So hopefully I won’t miss anymore important dates and times.. “Hopefully” also the open studio tours are coming up in September 13-14 and the buildings grand opening in August 6th. I may or may not be making a couple more trips back east before the year is out that still remains to be seen. I also will be traveling in late august down to the Nevada area to spend some time with my birth mother and last grandmother. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my latest collection of paintings and I have to say, which I do rarely that I’m pleased with the way they look.

Broken Heart

Tranquility two

Dreaming of Autumn

So today has been a pretty good day despite the relentless pain and Parkinson’s BS. I also shipped out some limited edition prints today. Not to be confused with my crated site where the prints are not signed and numbered. Though of good quality the crated site is designed for mass market.

Well it’s time for me to rest a bit. I hope the day has treated you well and please remember to always.. Be brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

“A life in progress”

11 thoughts on “Decisions ~life,love and paint.

  1. So pleased to hear of the two days of inner sunshine and calm, Ben: just what your soul needed. Very sorry about the pill situation, however, and concerned too. I know you’ll get through it, one way or another, but I wish you didn’t have to.
    Paintings are looking GREAT!


  2. I’m very pleased to hear that you’ve had 2 good days Ben! You know I love your last series but I must say I am apparently longing for Autumn cuz that one has my heart lol ❤ I'm sorry about the pill situation… I think the somebody (govt. or insurance companies) are trying to kill me with these out of sight prescription costs. Ugh My daughter said for me to try getting them through the mail pharmacy cuz they're usually cheaper. Good luck at the visit!


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