cofio i mi ~ Remember me

There are no words made to express
The depth of my love.
Nor colors pure enough
to express the tenderness of my heart.
For open up the sky to the stars above
and gaze upon the beauty I see in your eyes.
The gift of gentleness I felt in your arms,
Speaks in a voice softer than the wind.
There are no songs that can sing to an angels
soul like yours has song to mine.
And no ocean vast or simple sea would
I not cross to lay in your arms once again.


Personal collection.
A story of interpersonal

10 thoughts on “cofio i mi ~ Remember me

  1. and always the longing… never goes away, just pushed under for a bit, only to emerge once again. lovely painting, i love the colors and to me, i see a woman’s form, and the circling all around her, close but never quite there, on the outskirts – close enough to see and feel her effects, but still just out of arm’s reach.


  2. That is beautiful Benjamin!!! The words sound like they flowed straight from your heart out onto the paper (or keys rather) and the painting is WOW… ❤ it. Do you ever get tired of being so good? LOL


      • I’ve been there myself… and that’s exactly what you have to remember… You SON is your #1 priority. I know a girl who had cancer and was unsure of her outcome, so she recorded little conversations for her daughter, like first heart break, first time in trouble at school, first prom, when you argue with a friend, etc. and her daughter played them over and over. They really mean a lot to her… you are just doing it through your painting. 😀


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