Completed~Dreaming of Autumn

Close up #1

Close up #2

Close up #3
Words ~ on Dreaming of Autumn
I yearn for you as the sands cries
each time the waves say goodbye
Just as the moon slips far from sight
Only to give way to his lovers dawn
Each breath my last till the next
Takes its place by your side as I
Desire to be but can not.
On this mid autumns song……

Dreaming of Autumn
16″ x 20″
Mixed media
Down town studio
175 usd


14 thoughts on “Completed~Dreaming of Autumn

  1. Great painting!
    How do you achieve these textures. Is there some “automatic” process creating random structures or do you actually paint them stroke by stroke (if that is not a secret?)


    • I’ve been thinking about my responds to your question do a while today. As in the proper word to use. So here goes. Given that each medium I use has a specific weight it reacts consistently when applied in a specific manner. I use a palette knife and a number of specialized rubber patiala for lack I a better term. A very purposeful texture can be achieved by applying certain pressures and motions to create specific patterns given the medium reacts consistently. Not sure if that makes any sense atall


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