New works~New Life

So I took a day off. Why because honestly I’ve some things going on in my life that have emotionally hijacked me and made it virtually impossible to create. Though the other night I locked myself in the studio with my old friend Grand Mariner and stayed up till 3a painting and listening to music.

Honestly I think it was the best thing I could have done. I cried, laughed and eventually realized that none of this pain that I’m carrying around is mine.
Sadly being me is being a fixer and when I give my love, heart or word to someone I give it 110% now most of the time when someone receives a gift like that it’s a good thing and a very special bond is created but occasionally *once* you’ll meet someone that either doesn’t want to be fixed, helped or healed or they don’t feel or posses the emotional capacity for some reason to except the kind of gift I have to offer. For a fixer, warrior, protector to be aced with a situation like this especially in matters Of the heart it’s devastating or can be.
Well me and Mr. Grand Mariner had a long talk and cry over it and decided to do our best to move on and as part of the process as you can imagine I painted…a lot.. So please join me in a celebration of colors, light and texture.
This first piece is a bit of a departure from what your seen me do it has little texture except for the markings.

The next two you’ve seen but since have been signed.

“Broken Heart”

“Tranquility two”
Then we have the last piece which is still a work in progress it’s not signed and as with life and many things in it we just don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

Dawn has just arrived here on the west coast, the birds are singing and the air has a lovely chill which I shall enjoy till the heat of the day arises.
Where ever you are and what ever your doing I hope the world fills your heart with joy and gives you peace of mind.

Much love and light.
“A life in progress”

14 thoughts on “New works~New Life

  1. “…or they don’t feel or posses the emotional capacity for some reason to except the kind of gift I have to offer”

    This is the hardest of all, because you don’t always know until you have already given so much of yourself.

    Peace be with you friend, ((hugs))


  2. I can relate to your situation and I know the pain all too well. When I realized it had nothing to do with me, but everything to do with who they were, I was able to move on. You choose my favorite song from cold play. Good choice 🙂 I did some of my best writing during that time 🙂 paint away. your work is amazing 🙂

    Kimberly Rae


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