Tranquility two

So often over the past two years I’ve shared damn near everything with you guys here on wordpress. Two years as of just a few days ago. I didn’t day anything about because ya know these days I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with the whole social media thing. I deactivated my Facebook account today and will probably to the same to my tumblr,twitter and others etc. I have given it a great deal of thought over the past few months and I will be keeping my WP open for the time being. Possibly by the end of the year I will transition over to a different site strictly for Art and will use this site more for my Parkinson’s journal as I originally intended it to be. But never say never right. For anyone who may follow me on another platform that gets closed if you go to the print order tab here on WP you will find all of my professional contact information.
Anyhow that was kind of a public service announcement.

Below you will find the most recent piece I’ve been working on. Often I will paint what I need in my life and right now I need tranquility by the truck load. So please enjoy the 99% finished
piece. You’ll see a number of photos below the first ones you’ll see are the older “First Paint” of the piece.

And one more

As we continue on we will see the finished version and current color profile. Starting with a few close ups.





And finally full view.

Tranquility two
Mixed media
Watercolors, inks and acrylics
Painted on a cradled panel
w/finished sides
Downtown studio
175 usd

“A life in progress”

15 thoughts on “Tranquility two

  1. I’m sooooo burnt out on all of this to be honest. So much drama. I love helping people and being a good kind person but at what a cost. Unbelievable. Thank you btw.


    • I agree. If it weren’t for the few people I actually want to keep in touch with who only use FB to send instant messages, I would have already been gone. You gotta look out for yourself. Peace be with you.


  2. i understand, and it can be so difficult keeping so many balls in the air, even under the best of circumstances. hopefully this will allow you to spend more time doing things you truly enjoy


  3. I love these colors, they are very tranquil!
    I’m going to miss you everyday, but you have to do what’s right for you xx


  4. I so agree, too much social media is a drain on you in terms of energy and interaction. Your WP blog is the one I always appreciate because it tells of your life and your art in an honest and open way that makes me think I have a friend out there who is managing his life against tremendous odds. It’s inspirational and I hope you manage to keep going with it 🙂


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