Let the day begin

As so often in my mornings I find myself searching for a reason to join the day. Sitting quietly drinking my coffee watching the people scurry about as they find their own paths through the day. Sleep found me both little and a lot last evening though I’m most thankful that my headache has eased up a bit. Today I’m enjoying the sanctuary of my studio. It’s a place that I find great peace and comfort even on my most pain filled and depressive days I find I can be here and simply enjoy the smells and sounds. The colors and music of my day.

As I sit waiting for background textures to dry I’m hopeful for this day. I have so many colors and emotions running through my soul right now it’s more frustrating to not be painting than anything else but I’ve things to work on so I’ll not go to mad today.



Question: if you felt completely free in your life would you change who,where you are? Start a new you or remain on the path you find most comfortable? It’s a far harder question than you may think if you truly answer with your heart and not your mind.
Well my dear friends and family I must be off. Errands are calling my name and I find that if I don’t sit and stare at the drying panels that they’ll actually dry.
Please remember to try to Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.
Much love and light.

16 thoughts on “Let the day begin

  1. I know the answer to that…new path. I am in a place now where I have to decide where I am going to go, literally. I just now that I can’t stay here: where I am living, what I am doing, how I am treating myself.

    I love the studio space, as always you’ve brought some inspiration to the day.


  2. I would certainly love to make Writing my Career and, in doing so, move to England/Wales.. but those are probably the only changes I would make.
    Great Thought Starter 😉


  3. No, I wouldn’t change who or where, but perhaps the extenuating circumstances around me that soak up (require) all of my energy and time, but I just need to remember that Life is a Blessing, even though I’m not able to spend it doing as I’d like.


    • That my friend is true, life is a blessing. There are days that though I can’t do much more than be awake I’m happy that I can at least do that.
      Sending huge smiles
      Ps. Invoice on it’s way later today


  4. You have posed a question that I know how to answer but then I cannot. I am like NotAPunkRocker. I am in a place where I have to do something – I know what I want to do but can’t because I would have to give up what I cannot give up – because it is my life.


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